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GUI future stuff?

GUI future stuff?

Postby epsilonion » 15 Nov 2015, 13:16

I know this is a little early but I am thinking more and more about the GUI system and features and what it could do in the future..

I have been looking at making my own HUD and what will people be wanting help on and I came up with these.

I have played with creating an inventory system and got pretty stuck when trying to get the gui to change a texture from lua, what I was trying to do was have a gun change or pick up a grenade and it show in the inventory and HUD, well the inventory code worked the table was populated but I got stuck on two things really dragging from the inventory (with place holder images) to a use bar (in hand bar) and displaying different textures, my idea was to get it working then push it to a demo scene at the time.

Render to texture, I know its not a feature yet but it is planned as discussed when I uploaded the plasma tv model to the asset store, then I got thinking how cool would it be to do a demo scene of a mini map.

Attaching a 2D fixed camera looking down on the player and having the camera transmit what it captures to a portion of the HUD with plus and minus signs to zoom in (control how far the camera is above the player).

These two above are where I am at these days with the GUI system, I have kinda just left it where it stands above and moved onto other areas... :)
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Re: GUI future stuff?

Postby SolarPortal » 15 Nov 2015, 14:17

thanks for the input liam, all of it is noted and we will discuss internally on time frames for this :D

RTT is a necessary thing. I was close to building a viewport manager( this is for the minimap window ), but ran out of time lol :P
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