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mesh and lod

mesh and lod

Postby TattieBoJangle » 25 Mar 2015, 01:36

Im unsure about this but am i right in thinking after you make your lod model you no longer need the other files for example


Converted to


Then created the house.mesh with the lods

am i right in saying after i do this i no longer need the .fbx files or the mesh files apart from the house.mesh
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Re: mesh and lod

Postby AuShadow » 25 Mar 2015, 09:49

Just to add onto this is it possible to have all 3 LOD's in one model file and have them auto apply in mesh editor, I only ask as this was the only way to have LODin my last engine, process was basically you had you're 3 LOD meshes in blender separate and named LOD_0, LOD_1, and LOD_2, then selected all and exported as the one model, I can link to a document with pictures I done up as a tutorial for some one if this would help to understand what I mean.

I think if its possible to do the same with fbx it could streamline the LOD process a bit, bring in one model file and the LOD meshes are already in that file and automatically applied
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Re: mesh and lod

Postby SolarPortal » 30 Mar 2015, 14:43

yeah i see what you all mean.

@Tattie: no, you still need the other meshes as they are only referenced inside the main mesh file, not copied inside.

@AuShadow: i understand what you mean. We can look at improving our lod system some more as it is still in its infancy.
This would be a good way of doing lods for those who are coming from other engines with assets already prepared.

We are currently planning on building a sub mesh editing toolset to be able to remove certain sub meshes or hide them from the main mesh.

There is also an automatic lod generation tool being prepared on the side that will make LOD Stages of assets even easier, and its quite accurate as well.
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