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Skyline priorities out of Beta

Skyline priorities out of Beta

Postby SpiderMack » 21 Feb 2018, 09:17


The main site and store seems to be finished, so what are Skyline priorities ?

There is some broken things that i think should have been fixed before getting Skyline out of Beta.

Out of Beta means software is fully working with minor bugs, not show stopper bugs :

1) Project structure and list
Skyline doesn't have any, it needs as project list and manage it, each project with it's own "Assets" , it's own scenes,
it's own game manager.
I think it's a main problem and something to fix first, with a right project management export would work.

2) Export doesn't work
It should fully work whatever is the project and it's content.

3) Navmesh unable to work with any physics collision and rigidBody components
(physics or collision doesn't follow navmesh)
There is still not fixed and should be the prioritiy or no one can use navmesh with collision between characters :shock:
Most every 3D game uses navmesh or grid waypoints baker and pathfinder.

4) Unable to define collisions volumes without rigidbodies for scene entities :shock:
Also can't define multiple collision volumes per entity in their properties

No collisions volumes when Half Life 1 and other games had them ?
(very small 3D Engines supports or gitHub ones support multi collision volumes)


5) Can't change capsule rotation when added to some entity
So no custom character physics without Skyline systems is possible or no simple character navmesh and capsule collision

Those are the most important show stoppers that must be fixed before having a usable software that is not in Beta :roll:
I'll wait until they get fixed, before investing some time in any Skyline project or it's useless.

Others request and fixes are less important when out of Beta, but they are something most people working on a 3D game to publish expect to find :

Update old Physics driver (more than 10 years version not updated) ,for better performance, more features, bugs correction

RigidBody constraints ,perhaps it involves previous driver update

Attach objects to bones hierarchy using drag and drop

Animations callback.

Those are among the features most of us expect from a 3D engine.
I'm sure we will get all those bug fixes and features after some releases, but i think it was important to get an overview of some bugs or some missing features that should be available.
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