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Skyline Release V0-9-5 (Patch Release)

Skyline Release V0-9-5 (Patch Release)

Postby SolarPortal » 02 May 2015, 20:24

Hello Skyline Developers,
We have just released a patch update to the V0-9-4 as a few major bugs were located that could have compromised your presets and ultimately your scenes. These bugs have been in skyline for a long time, but have only come to the surface due to the newest multi select/ multi preset featureset. This has been fixed thanks to the aid of a few users testing these features for us :)

There have also been plenty new lua commands for the qt library to help control QTreeWidgets, QListWidgets & QTableWidgets

Here is the changelog :

Just allow your skyine to auto update to V0-9-5 and the errors should not show themselves again :)

Thanks again for choosing and using skyline
Your skyline dev team.
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