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Skyline Release V0.9.7 Release 6 - Pandora (14/12/2015)

Skyline Release V0.9.7 Release 6 - Pandora (14/12/2015)

Postby SolarPortal » 14 Dec 2015, 17:31

Hey Everyone,

We have released a new version of skyline for you to play with and since It is the 14th of December and getting very close to the Xmas day, this may be the last release of the year and in case we do not release again, we would like to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication this year in pushing skyline forwards.

Changelog :

Thank you and Merry Christmas to you all ..... Ho Ho Ho.... :P


Back to the release at hand:
Not too many changes in this release as all the work is outside skyline atm working towards the new rendering of skyline.

Saying this, we are still fixing bugs and creating new features like the new ability to create paths in script simply using 1-3 commands like this code snippet will show

Here's a snippet:
Code: Select all
obj = 0;
function onInit(objID)
   obj = objID;
   path.addNode("myPath", 8,0,0);
   path.addNode("myPath", -5,0,0);
   path.addNode("myPath", 5,0,5);
   path.addNode("myPath", -5,0,-10);
   path.addNode("myPath", 18,0,0);
   path.addNode("myPath", -15,0,0);
   path.addNode("myPath", 15,0,5);
   path.addNode("myPath", -15,0,-10);
function onKeyDown( key )
   if(key == "1")then

With this version, make any entity follow the path by using this command in the update loop

Code: Select all
function onUpdate( timeDelta )
   entity.followPath(obj, "myPath", 20);

The Custom Qt Editor Plugins have also had a couple of fixes making them more stable again.

Thanks again and enjoy your christmas holidays (if you celebrate it) and see you in the new year.... :D :D
Happy Developing :)

P.s. As usual, we are always around on the forum, so if you need anything fixed or confused, then we are happy to help. Of course, we nevermind seeing your projects you work on too.. :)
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Re: Skyline Release V0.9.7 Release 6 - Pandora (14/12/2015)

Postby CreativeOcclusion » 14 Dec 2015, 22:44

Thanks for the update, and Have a Merry Christmas...
Thanks, CreativeOcclusion
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