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Did you know: Presets are your freind

Did you know: Presets are your freind

Postby StarFire » 30 Jan 2015, 22:54

Skylines preset system saves you time when developing a scene by creating one version of your asset and quickly re-using it elsewhere.

Work Flow: Model
1. Drag + Drop a new FBX into your scene from the asset manager.

2. Scale the model to your scene scale ( 1m = 1 unit)

3. Set up the materials

4. Add any actions you may require.

5. Add any required scripts.

6. Rename your model in the scene list

7. RMB on the model and select the "Entity - Save as Preset" option. Choose a location the the <Asset Library/Presets>
if needed create your own library folder "myModels" .

8. Select the model preset in the previous folder

9. Choose a good scene view of your model.

10 Take a thumbnail by - clicking in the camera icon in the asset manager tool bar.

11.Drag n Drop this model preset any time you need a copy.

Voila a ready made skyline model complete with mechanics!

Remember! it doesn't have to be a model to make a preset. Presets can be any scene entity type from particle effects, audio, screens.
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