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Did you Know: Incremental saving ensures no file data loss

Did you Know: Incremental saving ensures no file data loss

Postby StarFire » 01 Feb 2015, 14:30

Did you Know that saving your scene in incremental steps can save you from having issues if any file gets corrupted.

For example I have a scene named myScene, every major change to the level I would save the scene as

Major Version:
myScene_C1 .....

then as I am developing I will make frequent saves to a new save

Minor Version:
myScene_A3 ... etc

Computers can for whatever reason corrupt data and Skyline uses the core windows and thus can sucome to this problem. There can also be times when a (Beta) feature shows a bug, this bug could in some cases corrupt any save serializer.Or even an act of god such as a power cut when saving to file always best to have some form of data back when using digital systems.

Our scenes can get very complex ( see the gallery ) and like when coding using a versioning system as mentioned above will save your scenes ,as you will only ever lose up to your last save revision.

When playing some RPG games I make back up saves just in case I made a mistake in the game or the game any or other issue corrupts my save game file. Again good practice to have a backup!

Save coding everyone! ;)
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