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Postby epsilonion » 07 Oct 2017, 08:42


After looking through the API I can see settings like set scene speed but no set scene brightness.

Been able to control scene brightness in general via lua will make it so that weather patterns and seasons can be coded and and alter the scene brightness to according to what the weather is doing at game run time.

i.e. Bright sunny day, the weather starts to set in with cloud cover and the overall brightness of the scene is reduced, after a while it starts to rain and the temperature drops further with a little decrease in general scene brightness.

As the rain starts to stop the scene stays darker until the clouds start to clear and the scene brightens up and the temperature starts to climb.

This is relativity easy to code but having the control over the scene brightness will help with the general look of a scene when the weather sets in, also the decrease in brightness will give you a natural sense of a drop in temperature.
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Re: Set.Scene_Brightness(int);

Postby SpiderMack » 07 Oct 2017, 12:02

I agree directionnal light control is not enought because ambient lighting influences a lot the scene brightness.

Also some sort of Time of Day system and let user control it would be even better.
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Re: Set.Scene_Brightness(int);

Postby SolarPortal » 07 Oct 2017, 12:31

Controlling scene atmosphere from lua is all planned for light levels, ambiences. We have already added fog but the others do need added. Just like material editing from lua ;)
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