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Runs but examples don't function

Runs but examples don't function

Postby notthechili » 01 Apr 2016, 05:18

After installing, the editor, asset manager, and script editor open and run okay. (mesh editor crashes loading assets)

But there seems to be something wrong under the hood.
For example, running the Scripted NeoCharger demo the vehicle does not move. I added some console logging and confirmed that the keys are being registered and that calls like vehicle.accelerate() are being made but nothing happens.

BTW, this shows great promise. Congratulations.
Get some first rate documentation and greater program stability and this is exciting. Much better than game industry projects I usually run across.
If you need help let me know. My day job is application development, but I graduated from majoring in Game Art and design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.
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Re: Runs but examples don't function

Postby TattieBoJangle » 01 Apr 2016, 08:09

Hi and welcome notthechili the example's are very old and could be doing with an upgrade or even new example's all together, as over the years as skyline has been updated the example's haven't and there is another big update coming in a few weeks ;)
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Re: Runs but examples don't function

Postby SolarPortal » 01 Apr 2016, 12:07

Hi and welcome to the Forums notthechili :D Thanks for your kind comments and we do try our best to keep the engine stable and upgrading. As tattie mentioned, we have a new version in the running and it is taking quite a bit of time so far.

Thanks for the honest opinions :) Stability is something that we are always working on and documentation is getting to the point of being required and done as we ourselves are trying to find time to plan it in :)

That vehicle demo is a bit strange and you have to hold the ws keys for a while to pick up movement in the vehicle lol :P
The Mesh editor is long overdue a reworking and is planned to be done.

Thanks again and for joining us :D
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Re: Runs but examples don't function

Postby CreativeOcclusion » 01 Apr 2016, 17:15

Welcome to SkyLine notthechili...Hope you enjoy the engine...CO
Thanks, CreativeOcclusion
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