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Missing NotePad++ dll in Tools folder

Missing NotePad++ dll in Tools folder

Postby materene » 21 Sep 2013, 16:43

Dave, looking and reading the instructions in the manual concerning the use of notepad++ it gives instructions to install SnippitPlus and how to move the dll etc, it appears this is discontinued or accidentally left out of this version of the software release. There is no SnippitPlus folder in Tools. Has this been discontinued or changed, if so the manual will need a change.
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Re: Missing NotePad++ dll in Tools folder

Postby StarFire » 21 Sep 2013, 17:28

Hi materene, thanks for the information. We have stopped using SnippitPlus as we are developing a code snippets system inside the script editors. You can see a basic ( needs content ) working version in the micro script editor. ;)

We will be updating the manual soon ;)
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