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Regarding NxOgre & PhysX

Regarding NxOgre & PhysX

Postby raisins » 06 Aug 2015, 02:04

I noticed the Dynamic NxOgre lib in the Skyline folder so I'll assume Skyline is using NxOgre which utilizes PhysX for Skyline physics engine. A question I had in mind is: when distributing my game to players will they have to install PhysX Software System? I'm pretty sure they would have to (from what I've read in Ogre Add-on forum comments) I just want to confirm from you guys if this is correct.

Although, I didn't have to install PhysX Software System to get Skyline running... so I'm confused, do I have to advice my players about installing the additional set of libraries?

It's not a big deal anyway, PhysX lib is not a huge asset (filesize wise). I'm just curious how this pans out, maybe I can find a way of including an installer for PhysX in my game installer so that the players wouldn't have to do the extra bit of installing physx by themselves.

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Re: Regarding NxOgre & PhysX

Postby SolarPortal » 06 Aug 2015, 09:13

Hi, Skyline does use NxOgre but only for vehicles as most of the base was created quite well and we will be depreciating it at some point.
However, skyline does have physx fully integrated into the engine and when you installed skyline, physx was installed in the background to save you having to manage it which is the same with any of the other plugins.

For your end game, we have created an NSIS installer script that you can change to create an installer for your end game.
Folder: "C:\Aurasoft\SkylineSDK\Skyline\Data\Template"

On the root, you will see 2 installer types. One is for a standalone game and the other is for a player based launcher.
Simply RMB+edit the file in notepad(we use notepad ++) and change the details at the top.

When compiled using NSIS, the dependencies from this folder: "C:\Aurasoft\SkylineSDK\Skyline\Data\Template\Skyline_End_Game\Dependencies" are automatically loaded into the installer and when the installer is ran, these dependencies will be installed in the background.

We do plan on allowing the game exporter to create an install package for you which will make the job so much easier.

I hope this helps clear things up :)
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