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Game controller

Game controller

Postby TattieBoJangle » 03 Feb 2015, 22:55

Hi can i ask how you get the game controller(xbox) to work :)
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Re: Game controller

Postby SolarPortal » 03 Feb 2015, 23:34

Just plug it in and load skyline, then script the Character, vehicle or whatever in its Microscript or scene script using these functions.

Code: Select all
-- Joystick input
function onJSAxisMoved(axis, value)
   if(axis==0) then
      -- Left Analogue Stick - Up and Down Movements
   if(axis==1) then
      -- Left Analogue Stick - Left and Right Movements

        sky.print("moving axis: "..axis.." : Value :"..value, 1 );

function onJSButtonPressed(button)
   sky.print("joystick pressing button button: "..button, 1 );

function onJSButtonReleased(button)
   sky.print("joystick releasing button button: "..button, 1 );

Unfortunately, the base presets such as FPS or vehicle do not work from joystick by default on their actions and will need scripted to get the joystick working.

I think it would be cool to have joystick on the player and cars by default. More fun to play with. :)
But there are multiple scripted examples to help you get going:

Example 1 - character movement: Royal Sorceress Preset Character.
> Move around using left analogue stick.
> Fire a fireball with the A button.

Preset File: "Asset Library\Presets\Characters\JS - Sourceress.preset"
Tech Demo: "Asset Library\Scenes\Tech Demos\Character\Full Lua Character C3 Joystick enabled.xSkyScene"

Find the player and open the micro script from the properties, look for the joystick functions listed above.

Example 2: - vehicle movement: Porsche Vehicle
This is the one you drive in the Racetrack Template which uses keyboard and joystick.
> Move using left analogue stick
> B button to boost
> Back Right Toggle to accelerate with throttle ratio.

Preset File: "Asset Library\Presets\Vehicles\porche911_Player(JS).preset"
Demo: "Asset Library\Scenes\Templates\Game Templates\03 GameTemplate RaceTrack_V1.xSkyScene".

Find the player car and open the micro script from the properties, look for the joystick functions listed above.
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