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Terrain Texture Question...

Terrain Texture Question...

Postby Sage1969 » 24 Nov 2018, 05:37

A while back I recall the topic of available terrain textures coming up.

Where did that end up?

Will it be possible to see an increase in the available amount to even just 6 from 5 in the future? (nothing crazy)

I understand the slight performance hit but it might be a little less of a hit than creating textured planes and objects to achieve what even just 1 more texture choice would take care of.

Just a question. :D

Hope this time of year is going well for all.
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Re: Terrain Texture Question...

Postby SolarPortal » 24 Nov 2018, 07:15

Terrain textures are able to be expanded, just a big job.. in theory up to 20 textures could be used.
But we are wanting detail maps per layer as well, so mountains in the distance can use a larger tiling and fill the details in up close with a monochrome detail texture which fades out over select distance.

So much to do with the terrain, its basically still in its infancy and can be expanded a lot further.

Other terrain features is multiple terrain tiles, loading unloading of tiles. (paging).. world streaming from disk....
oh the list goes on lol :P
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