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Bitwise in Lua

Bitwise in Lua

Postby SolarPortal » 19 Mar 2019, 18:11

With the upgrade of lua from 5.1 to 5.3.5, we can finally use bitwise operators in lua which makes things like storing bitflags and bitmasks a breeze:

So like in c++, set your flags up like so.
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BIT_Walk = 1 << 0;
BIT_Swim = 1 << 1;
BIT_Door = 1 << 2;

then set the flags like so:
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polyflag=BIT_Walk | BIT_Door
polyflag=1<<0 | 1<<2

then you can use functions like this example from the navmesh editor being developed to add or remove the bitflag from the variable:

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function setAreaPolyFlag(_area, _flag, _state)
    if(_state == true)then
        props_area.AreaTypes[_area].polyflag = props_area.AreaTypes[_area].polyflag | _flag;
    elseif(_state == false)then
       props_area.AreaTypes[_area].polyflag = props_area.AreaTypes[_area].polyflag & ~_flag; 
    navmesh.areaTool.setAreaBuildPolyFlags(_area-1, props_area.AreaTypes[_area].polyflag)-- -1 to start from zero for c++

You can even do bit tests in lua:
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if(   (currentAreaProps.polyflag & BIT_Walk) == BIT_Walk)then

Just wanted to share the cool new way of coding in lua :P
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