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Song Finder (WIP Name)

Song Finder (WIP Name)

Postby Shando » 30 Jun 2022, 22:29

Hi all,

Following the recent post by the devs, I thought I'd upload a few images of a game I'm working on that will probably never see the light of day (mainly due to the complexities of licences for music).

Some features are:

1) Randomly generate a maze - including Random Wall & Floor Textures (WORKING)
2) Update a Minimap on the fly (NOT WORKING)
3) Change the main character skin depending on selection prior to starting the game (would also work in game!) (WORKING)
4) TPV follow Camera (WORKING)
5) 'Pickups' (WORKING)
6) Sound Effects & Background Music (PARTIALLY WORKING)
7) Create a table in GUI (WORKING)
8) Music Player in GUI with Album Cover Image (NOT WORKING)
9) Trail behind Player to show where Player has already been (WORKING)
10) DLC for Models, Textures & Sounds / Music (NOT WORKING)
11) Use of JSON files for DLC and functionality to populate GUI based on reading ALL JSON files in a specific folder (PARTIALLY WORKING)
12) High scores (PARTIALLY WORKING)

I used a program called RipX ( to take a recorded mp3 and turn it into up to 4 stems (Vocals, Bass, Drums & Other - Guitar, Keyboards etc.). It's not perfect, but for 99 dollars does a pretty reasonable job!

The idea of the game is to wander round the maze collecting instruments. You then have to assign the stem associated with the collected instrument to the correct song from the selected album. Obviously it does help if you really know the songs on the selected album!


FOUND INSTRUMENT (current player model is a placeholder!)


Any questions, feel free to reach out.

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Re: Song Finder (WIP Name)

Postby StarFire » 02 Jul 2022, 14:11

What a fresh idea Shando ,looks like a fun game.
thank you for sharing your project, keep up the great work :D
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